Each week, through Picture News, the children look at a current news story and a thought provoking question with Mrs Parkinson in their Monday assembly. They then continue this discussion back in class during the rest of the week. 


Picture news is designed to provide opportunities for children to learn from our world and develop respect for other’s beliefs, feelings and faith.  We also think and talk about our School and British Values.


To support their exploration and discussion, we will be sharing the focus the Friday before, in the newsletter, to enable the children to discuss this at home with you also. Please do share any thoughts the children have on seesaw as this will support in class learning


Picture News

The Picture News topic for w/c 11 November 2022 is


 'Should we ever have to change our appearance?’


Pupils in schools should not be unfairly singled out for having afro hair, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said in new guidelines for schools.  The EHRC reported that rules banning certain styles are likely to be breaking the law.  This includes styles such as afros, braids, cornrows, plaits, locks and head coverings.  The new guidance was announced to help schools in England, Scotland and Wales ensure their hair policies are fair.





The Picture News topic for w/c 4 November 2022 is


 ‘Should more be done to help rescue pets?’

Animal rescue groups in countries around the world are seeing a jump in the number of animals being brought to their shelters as household finances are squeezed.  One of the main causes is thought to be the cost of living crisis, which has meant many different costs have increased.  This includes pet food ingredients such as meat, grains and micronutrients, all of which have become more expensive in recent months.



The Picture News topic for w/c 17 October 2022


If we do something wrong,

who should decide the consequences?’


All Lidl chocolate bunnies are to be melted after chocolate maker, Lindt, said they looked too similar to their own bunny shaped chocolate treat.  The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland said that regardless of whether Lidl’s packaging was golden or a different colour, they had too much similarity.  The ruling banned the supermarket from selling the bunnies and ordered ones already made to be destroyed.




The Picture News topic for w/c 10 October 2022 


 ‘Should we all aim to be the best?’



For over 20 years, Serena Williams and Roger Federer have dominated tennis tournaments all over the world.  Between them, they have won 43 Grand Slam titles.  In a five-week span, both players announced their retirement.  Williams announced on vogue magazine’s website that she would retire after this years US Open, saying that at her age “something’s got to give”.  Federer’s announcement followed after.  He said his body’s “message to me lately has been clear” and noted that his final competition would be the Laver Cup in London.




The Picture News topic for w/c 3 October 2022 


 ‘Do we achieve more when there is a competition?’



The popular dance competition, Strictly Come Dancing, has returned to TV screens.  The 20th series of the competition has the show’s largest ever line-up of professional dancers.  Fifteen celebrities are competing for the glitterball this year, including presenters Kym Marsh and Helen Skelton, former footballer Tony Adams, Paralympic gold medallist Ellie Simmonds, Eastenders actor James Bye and singer Matt Goss.


The Picture News topic for w/c 26 September 2022 



 ‘How can we help those in need who are far away?’





Pakistan has had the heaviest rainfall in decades.  The United Nation’s (UN) Secretary General has urged the world to help Pakistan, after floodwater covered a third of the country.  Starting an appeal to help the tens of millions affected by the disaster, Secretary General Antonio Guterres blamed exceptionally high levels of rain and climate change.  The flooding has affected millions of people in Pakistan as the heavy rains have washed away roads, people’s homes and farms.  Emergency services have been pushed to their limits trying to rescue those stranded and evacuate them to temporary housing.


The Picture News for w/c 19 September 2022 



 ‘Could we live our lives without plastic?’



A housing association has built Europe’s first virtually plastic-free housing development in the UK.  Built by GreenSquareAccord, the £1.3m project in Redditch, Worcestershire consists of 12 affordable one-bedroom homes built using  plastic-free alternatives to reduce environmental impact.  Each apartment features many alternatives, such as wooden kitchen units and aluminium window frames.  The wiring uses a mineral-based insulation rather than the usual plastic, and solar thermal heating systems are also installed.



The Picture News for w/c 12 September 2022 


 ‘Who was Queen Elizabeth II?’



The background of the story is that the Queen has died peacefully, aged 96, marking an end to her historic reign.  Buckingham Palace yesterday confirmed the news.  Her Majesty Elizabeth II is the longest serving monarch in British history.  Her son, now King Charles III, said the death of his beloved mother was a “moment of great sadness” for him and his family and that her loss would be “deeply felt” around the world.


Things to talk about at home:


* What are your memories of the Queen, did you ever meet her?

* The Queen declared to be devoted to our service and the service of the great imperial family to which we all belong.  What do you think she meant by this?

* How do you think members of her family are feeling?