Each week, through Picture News, the children look at a current news story and a thought provoking question with Mrs Parkinson in their Monday assembly. They then continue this discussion back in class during the rest of the week. 


Picture news is designed to provide opportunities for children to learn from our world and develop respect for other’s beliefs, feelings and faith.  We also think and talk about our School and British Values.


To support their exploration and discussion, we will be sharing the focus the Friday before, in the newsletter, to enable the children to discuss this at home with you also. Please do share any thoughts the children have on seesaw as this will support in class learning


Picture News

The Picture News topic for w/c 4 April 2022 is:


 ‘Do all inventions have a positive impact on the world?’




A £16 billion proposal to build a huge solar power station in space is being explored by the government, the science minister has said.  George Freeman, an investor who was appointed minister for science, research and innovation last year, said his department had met with a group that wants to develop a solar farm in orbit, which would beam renewable energy back to Earth.  It is thought that by the mid-2040s, it should be able to deliver about 30GW of continuous power straight from space.


Things to talk about at home:

¨ Do you think that using solar panels in space is a good idea for generating energy?

¨ Can you make a list of different inventions that you use every day?

¨ What is your favourite invention?  Why is it your favourite?

¨ Can you think of anything that you would uninvent?  Why?



Picture News

The Picture News topic for w/c 28 March 2022 is


 ‘If you keep trying, will you always succeed?’



The background is the shipwreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, being found 107 years after it became trapped in the ice and sank off the coast of Antarctica.


Picture News

The Picture News topic for week commencing 21 March 2022 is


 ‘is there still a place for letters in today’s world?’



The background for next week’s topic is the decision this week by Royal Mail to increase the cost of both 1st and 2nd class stamps. The cost of a 1st class stamp will rise to 95p on 4th April. The cost of a 2nd class stamp will rise to 68p.