The Bassoon Girls!

Our Blog by May, Kate and Abigail Year 6
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Sunday 22 May 2016
It was time for another rehearsal; we were all excited about the day to come.  First we had to unpack our instruments and get ready.  Then we had a warm up to get us ready for the day.
After that, we practised the piece and learnt some movements 'off-by-heart', and learnt what we were going to wear.  This excited us very much - as we had been waiting to find out what we were going to wear for a long time.
Before practising again, we had a quick break, then we rehearsed the start of our piece, because this part is very important.
Finally it was time to go home.
Sunday 15 May 2016
Once again we went to our Wembley practice, just the same as ever.  We arrived and started to unpack our instruments.  Then we found out it was a boy's birthday and as a treat, we were given crisps, chocolate and sweets.
After we had practiced (for an hour) we had a short break and a snack.  We carried on practising for a short while.
By the time we had practised over 10 times, it was time to go home and relax
We had another fab rehearsal.
Sunday 8 May 2016
We arrived once again at the centre, ready to practice and perfect our Wembley piece!
The day started with another physical warm up to help us get ready and focussed for the day ahead.
After that, we had a short break and drink, where we wrote notes for our performance and started to memorise the piece, ready for later: the conductor said 'we'll play it without the music sheet at the end of the day'.
Before playing the piece all the way through, we went through sections slowly so we could properly concentrate on the notes and tunes.  This technique helped a lot.
We ran through the piece, from the beginning, without the sheet music and all the staff said that we did really well and are improving each week.
When we had repeated the piece a few times, we finally got the hang of it and decided to pack our instruments away and play some games after all our hard work.
Sunday 1 May 2016
We arrived early, awaiting the fantastic day.  When it began, we warmed up by doing some physical exercises again - such as: running around, clapping and stomping.  This helped us remember everyone's names and where our places were.
Next we tuned our instruments and warmed up our mouths.  Then we started playing our instruments.  We ran through the piece slowly and practised in our instrument groups.  We had a short break and then carried on.
After that, we were split into two groups, Woodwind and Brass, before practising the piece some more and becoming more confident with the notes and tune.
Finally, we went through the piece from the beginning (full out) and all the staff said we had improved so much in the 4 hours.
At the end of the day, we were all excited and happy because we had improved so much; we couldn't wait for our next practice
Last Sunday, on the 24th April 2016, was our first rehearsal for when we play our bassoons at Wembley.
We started off the day by doing some physical activities, which helped us learn everybody's names and to get comfortable with our fellow musicians.
After that, we unpacked our instruments and had a 15 minute break before learning the first Wembley piece.  We did 2 warm up pieces first: 5 note funk and Hoist the Rigging - we found these pieces a little challenging.
Finally, we started to learn the Wembley piece but only for 5 minutes because we needed to have our lunch.
Half an hour later, we started to learn the Wembley piece again, but this time tuition with the conductor, who helped us a lot.
At the end of the day, we were all looking forward to playing at Wembley because we could play the piece well: we were very confident!
On Tuesday 11th April 2016 we had the chance to perform with the NYO (National Youth Orchestra) for the first time, we were all very excited!
When the day started, we all felt nervous, however, we knew we would have a fantastic experience.
Arriving at Wade Deacon at around 10.30 in the morning, we were all ready and raring to go, but first we got split into two groups (Group A which is advanced musicians and Group B which is beginner musicians - that's us :-) ) and went into separate rooms to practise our songs.  We started learning our song called 'photograph'; it was by Ed Sheeran and at first it was very challenging.
After having a short break, dinner, we carried on learning 'Photograph', but this time with Duncan the conductor.  He helped us with the speed, rhythm and volume of the piece.
Finally, it was time for the performance but first we had to watch and listen to Firebird - this was performed by the NYO and Group A - it was 40 minutes long! :-)  During this piece, we were all getting really nervous, but we knew the Pros would help us!
At last it was our turn! We started off a little wobbly, but as the piece progressed, our confidence grew and by the end we were playing like the NYO! :-)
When the performance ended, we all agreed that it had been a fantastic experience and couldn't wait to do more things like this: we had learned so much in one day!